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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Game, Set and Match! (F/M)

Ro loved Wimbledon, he had always been a big tennis fan and the chance to see all the top stars was too good to miss. Having made a great effort to secure tickets he was delighted to find he had managed to get the ones he wanted for the Womens Final on centre court.

The days were fantastic and the crown were great, catching games here and there was fun but he was really looking forward to getting to the final. Another thing that really caught his eye was one of the stars that looked like he would be seeing in the final.

Serena Williams was stunning, if ever fitted the bill as a tall Amazon than this American beauty was it. In one match Ro didn't see anything of the game.He had been to busy watching the incredible physique of her, especially her gravity defying buttocks.

As the game approached Ro indulged in the champagne and made friends with the remarkably cute girl sat next to him. She was decked out in a short white tennis skirt, white socks pulled up and a cute little tennis top. She seemed to enjoy her champagne too so it wasn't long before the two of them were laughing and joking. She sounded an incredibly naughty, husky English accent that put him in mind of Liz Hurley a bit.

Before long they were egging each other on in dares and were almost thrown out when a strawberry bounced off a security guard near the front. They tried to behave a bit more after that.

After what seemed like an age the game got under way and as expected Serena Williams was totally dominating the game. Ro was stunned when she came out looking every inch the Amazonian warrior.

After a while the girl who he had been messing about with earlier leaned in close to him so that her firm breasts brushed against his arm and he could smell her sweet perfume.

"I dare you to strip down to your underwear and run across the court." She said giggling.

"Ha ha ha, not a chance! I might be a bit drunk but it would take a lot more than a few glasses of bubbly to get me to do that." He said totally dismissing the ludicrous idea.

"How about if you do that....." She leant in again and he could feel her warmth, "you can do ANYTHING you want to me tonight, anything." His eyes widened as she cheekily licked her lips and raised her eyebrows in challenge.

Downing his drink he started to sneakily unbutton his shirt so to avoid detection. Looking at her again he new it would be worth a few seconds of mild embarrassment to get his prize at the end of the night.

Casually he walked as if going out to the toilet and noticing the steward talking to an elderly couple he seized his chance and made a break for it. Leaping over the barriers his shirt flew behind him and in a fluid motion he whipped his shorts off and ran towards the court wearing only his tight boxers and white socks having left his shoes up at his seat.

He made it to the court as Williams was just setting up to serve. The crowd jeered and booed him as he interrupted play but just as he held his hand up to his ears to mock them he tripped and tumbled to the ground.

Being interrupted like this really wound Serena up and she had moved forward to trip him when she saw him cockily goading the crown. She was sick of idiots like this and decided to teach him a lesson.

As she towered over him lying on the turf she berated him,
"I am sick of this, I'm an athlete! Show me some respect, people paid a lot of money for this not to see your skinny ass!"

Seeing her loom over her he felt dread and regretted ever stepping foot on the court, he tried to scramble to his feet but she grabbed him and pulled him over towards her.

"I don't think so, you want a show? I will put on a show!" With that, still standing she bent him across her bended knee and shouted gestured out to the crown like and ancient gladiator.

When her thumb signalled down to represent my demise the crowd cheered. I could see the girl who had talk me into this jumping up and down, clapping in delight. The rest of the crowds faces were equally as impressed by her show of strength and choice of punishment.

The crowd cheered and laughed as Ro was spanked thoroughly. The power and ferocity was incredible and the immediate pain shut out the humiliation of being spanked like this in front of this crowd. Then it dawned on him, he was being spanked live on TV in front of a global audience.


She eventually stopped, much to the crowds disappointment. The relief washed over Ro Mills as his blazing bottom was afforded some respite. He was barely even aware that he was being dragged across the court until he felt himself being stuffed into a hastily emptied racket bag.

"No, please don't put me in here, please!" he yelled as Serena stuffed him dow, pulling the edges of the big bag up around his body.

"I am not finished with you." She yelled while picking up her racket. She zipped the bag and went back to the task of winning her match.

Ro lay there in a state of terror, he was warm and sweating but could think of nothing but the fate that awaited him. With every cheer he thought his time was nearing until eventually he was hoisted on to her back with immense strength and carried towards the changing rooms.

The bag unzipped and he was dumped out, scrambling into a corner being pursued by the furious Serena, victory doing nothing to dampen her rage towards him. Grabbing him by the hair she span him around pushing his nose into the corner of the room, tugging down his boxers and sharply smacking his bare backside.

"You keep your nose in that corner while I get ready." She ordered before climbing into the shower, all the while watching in case he made a move and she had to beat his ass again.

He could her her getting out of the shower but dared not move. The noise behind him indicated she was getting dressed and then he heard the locker shut. The sound of a chair being dragged over to the middle of the room made him nervous and the she approached him, the unmistakable sound of heals clicking on the tiled floor.

He had not been expecting the site he turned around to. She stood in white lacy bra and panties, black stockings and black stilettos. His arousal sparked her fury again as she reached forward and grabbed him by the cock, dragging him over to the chair.

She pushed him over the back of the chair, exposing his rump and it was only then that he noticed the whip that she held.

Noticing this he began to squirm so, moving around in front of him, she grabbed him by the hair pulling his head up.
"THIS, is what you get." She said as she thrust his head between her thighs so her incredible ass rested on the back of his head. His cock pounded as he could feel the heat of her pussy through the lace on the back of his neck. Then she started.

The punishment was severe and by the time she had finished he was in floods of tears. She put him in the shower and roughly scrubbed at him, occasionally landing a smack if he made a sound.

"Now it is time for the victory parade my little puppy, you can wear these..." she said, stepping out of her panties and pulling them up onto him. Before reaching into her locker and attaching a leash around his neck. Ro knew better than to fight it and got on all fours and crawled behind her. She changed into a pair of tiny shorts and a t-shirt that summed up the last couple of hours for him before stepping out to huge cheers and wolf whistles for the crawling Ro Mills. The crowd could see that Serena had painted his back porch good and red and lapped it up.

After milking the applause Serena got a microphone and addressed the crowd. "I want to thank you all for coming and supporting me but would like to ask if anyone has lost a naughty little puppy?" Glancing down at the beaten man she smirked as the crowd roared with laughter. Ro Mills humiliation burned further.

"He's mine." Called the girl who was to blame for this whole mess as innocently as a nun, before skipping down the stairs and taking a hold of the leash. "Bad puppy" she said wagging her finger in mock anger at Ro before smacking him hard three times on the bottom causing him to yelp and whine like the puppy he had become.

As she made her way out of the arena, dragging him along on all fours she said in a haughty voice. "Seeing as how you never completed your task I think it will be me who has the choice of what to do to you tonight. And I think I have just the right thing for you." His heart sank, knowing his humiliation was only just beginning.

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